Curiousity that inspires the cat…

(controlling the dream environment and interactions… Keep

scrolling to the bottom — there is a section on PTSD)


(one of the standard texts by Dion Fortune, and there are also

more up to date versions with modern jargon)


(or cup of room temperature water, sprinkle salt, give a stir with

your finger, make a general request to the universe (or a personal

favourite divine form) requesting undisturbed and restfull sleep.

Then sprinkle the water in a circle around the bed. You can also

use seawater if live near the ocean.)

With note of specific skills and talents
Method acting profile — Tough female rolemodel (eg Zena the

Warrior Princess) with a bloody big sword.

Then psych yourself up with trigger word eg ‘Fury’. If enemy

visits, get angry and twat him…

Sleep well. Be happy. (I will be busy in OldTown.) Earl grey

and the dog appear to be asleep — cute family.

Getting bored — need a lyric sheet… Nobody has subscribed and

only a couple of likes. (And the views are going up and down.)

I was going to throw some of my photos up (from my own travels),

but couldn’t get the emulator installer package for Instagram to

actually install. So the Instagram is going to be a little boring

for a fair while, as there aren’t many other activities available.

Multiple online forums, but limited action.

Bored, bored, bored, bored, dull, dull, dull, dull.

Bored and dull.


Shy, insecure and roleplays for confidence. Needs encouragement

from suitable male partners to initiate projects. Passionate,

talented, and creative, but needs prodding…

Represses and dumps real self into Ros.

Roleplays super-confident movie star for interviews.

Hides behind costumes and gimmicks.

Ros glows, while others are muted. Ros kind of absent, for a

while now…

Crimped opposition on aura for wedding ring during interviews.

Super-burst on “Former Profession…”

Dissonance vibe on “Ros is just a fictional character, you know!”




#CongressOfRacialEquality, #EsmePMA, goatherder (aiming for simple life), Witch,

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#CongressOfRacialEquality, #EsmePMA, goatherder (aiming for simple life), Witch,

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